Permaculture Design Services

Thank you, for your interest in our Permaculture Design services. We provide Permaculture Designs for home, farm, workplace, and industry. We offer two levels of design for your Permaculture system: Illustrated OR Detailed. For both options, you must provide contour maps of the site and soil tests. We can help you with this. Payment may be made through our website (credit card), with a check, or with cash.

The Illustrated Design provides you with:

1.Color layout and design guide (detailed layout including plans to scale are offered with further consultation, or supplied without extra charge if client has a map of the property). This layout will show wind breaks, paths, suggested planting areas, and identification of other important areas of the property.

2. Photographs and sketched overlays with suggested alterations in bed layout if necessary.

3. Basic Soil analysis.

4. Suitable vegetation list based on client tastes, soil type, wind protection, available light, site and use of garden.

5. Relevant information on protection of plants, kitchen gardens on a low budget, propagation, composting, recycling, worm keeping, organic fertilizer and pest control, indigenous foods and medicines, bird and butterfly attractors.

6. List of Suppliers for seeds, plants, relevant magazines, and books.

An illustrated design costs $450.00 USD (Under 2 acres or .80 hectares)

Detailed Plan and Illustration:

The Detailed Plan includes an illustrated design, PLUS:

1. Designs for long and short term;

2. Staging plan (phases of implementation);

3. Color plans drawn to scale with each element and detail marked including contours, floor plans and site elevations.

A Detailed Plan costs the standard Permaculture Fee: $900.00 USD (Under 2 acres or .80 hectares)

Lets start with

Implementation services available. Price will be determined after a site visit and initial consultation with the client. We recommend that you oversee the implementation and realize that the system’s success is entirely dependent on your observations and involvement.

We strive to assist with implementing each project of the design plan yet we also encourage you to D.I.Y. Ultimately we want you to enhance your lifestyle with projects that involve being green, but a handy person can always assist as needed. Including our special blank canvas de-cluttering and organization service that offers chosen discounts for up-cycled materials donated to Purge and Grow Services.

The cost for our de-cluttering and organizing service is $450.00 USD varying less or more depending on size and amount of clutter.

Permaculture Design Implementation

Experimental Sheet mulch Cold frame built from reduced and reused materials
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Our Handy Person Can Take On Many Projects

Our passion for sustainable design is a reflection of the quality of our craftsmanship and the quality of our materials. We believe that our customers deserve the best quality and value, and we’re dedicated to supporting them. As a result, we strive to do our best to find materials in line with the goals of sustainability while presenting a excellent level of quality.

Ideally we want projects that involve being green, but a handy person can also assist with small repairs, installations, or even be a helper on moving day.

Our handy man service prices are determined by the job. Contact us to get a quote.

Water catchment for garden made from reused material
Concrete blocks for retaining wall made from DIY forms and recycled glass bottles
Drip irrigation system making life easier for plants and people