About Purge and Grow Services.

Working together is at the core of Purge and Grow Services. Not only does our values include working together as a team in the business world, we also intentionally design so that people, nature, and wildlife work together benefiting each other. Our Permaculture designers, consultants, and handy workers, have a passion to help people and their living spaces to become healthy, sustainable, beautiful and eco-friendly environments. We don't only design organic and sustainable buildings, but also create a sustainable and eco-friendly landscape. We also work with you to build a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, which includes organizing your home and what foods to grow in your garden.

The name Purge and Grow stems from the idea of Qi gong breathing exercises known as purge and tonify, where you cleanse each of your body's organs with different sound breathing techniques. Its purpose is to get rid of energy you don't need or want, then use it to help you grow like how trees use their fallen leaves to enrich the soil around their roots.

A rock helping support a arched cattle panel trellis for cucumbers also provides a cooler climate for wildlife

Dawaine D. Clark founder of Purge and Grow Services has been in the workforce 20 years as a blue collar laborer gaining trade skills where ever possible. From driving a forklift, metal fabrication and welding, to being a Akron University safety ambassador, to driving a public school bus. Dawaine has skills in construction doing jobs anywhere from complete apartment remodels, to installing a fence, or simply hauling a trailer removing waste from neighborhoods throughout Columbus, Ohio.

Known as Mr. Waine to the kids on the school bus, he began his journey with Permaculture in 2016 when he participated in taking a sustainable living M.O.O.C.( massive open online course.) From there on he attended Earthship Biotecture Academy, designed a personal urban garden with Gaia's Garden's online course, and attended other natural building workshops like the one they offer at Dancing Rabbit Eco Village. Today he has received his Permaculture Design Certificate ready to help those who want to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.

Dawaine D. Clark P.D.C.

Design consultant and builder